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I've written a custom ActionResult which returns a string. I'm trying to figure out how I can unit test it.

I've tried with the following:

  string ExecuteResult(ActionResult result)
        var ctx = new ControllerContext();
        var writer = new StringWriter();
        var response = new HttpResponse(writer);
        var context = new HttpContext(new HttpRequest(null, "http://localhost/uri/", null), response);
        System.Web.HttpContext.Current = context;

        return writer.ToString();

It gives me:

Test method Tests.Web.Mvc.ApplicationControllerTest.TestMessageBox threw exception: 
System.NotImplementedException: The method or operation is not implemented.

Stack trace:

System.Web.Mvc.JavaScriptResult.ExecuteResult(ControllerContext context)
Tests.Web.Mvc.ResultExecutor.InvokeActionResult(ActionResult result) in D:\utv\Framework 4.0\Main\src\Framework.Tests\Web\Mvc\ResultExecutor.cs: line 22
Tests.Web.Mvc.ApplicationControllerTest.TestMessageBox() in D:\utv\Framework 4.0\Main\src\Framework.Tests\Web\Mvc\ApplicationControllerTest.cs: line 46

How do I test action results?

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Maybe this can help you:

Integration testing an ASP.NET MVC application without web server or browser

It's for v1 of MVC, I haven't tried it yet with v2 and I also don't know if there's an update for the integration testing framework, but maybe it can be useful for you.


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Guess it's not possible for MVC2 or MVC3.

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