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I'm currently doing this

my $tmpf = File::Temp->new;

but it seems like this could be cleaner.. something like

my $tmpf = File::Temp->new({unlink => 1});

is something like the latter possible?

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You can also set this flag in the constructor:

my $tmp = File::Temp->new( UNLINK => 1, SUFFIX => '.dat' );

But it is unnecessary. From the perldoc File::Temp:

by default the object is constructed as if tempfile was called without options, but with the additional behaviour that the temporary file is removed by the object destructor if UNLINK is set to true (the default).

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I must have missed that in the docs, I originally used the functional interface, which must not set this? because it was leaving the files behind. – xenoterracide Dec 15 '10 at 12:45

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