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I'm using the DockPanel Suite by Weifen Luo in a little project (webbrowser) and have managed to be able to create tabs and navigate the webbrowser element inside each tab.

But how am I able to change the tabs title/name when the page is navigating to another site?

Basically I just need to get into the current tabs form.

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You can get the current tab by using DockPanel's ActiveContent method. For example:

Form myForm = myDockPanel.ActiveContent();
myForm.TabText = "Stack Overflow";

DockPanel.ActiveDocument and DockPanel.ActivePane can also be useful.

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After having worked on this a few weeks (not 'till now though :P) I have to say, that this is currently not possible.

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You can manage your own (assuming your Document Form is a specific class) by managing:

'FormClosing' and 'Activated' events

'Activated' set your own "active" document to 'this'. 'FormClosing' set your own "active" document to null.

FormClosing is just to catch the case where you are closing the last document. Activated is what manages everything else, like when a new document gets created and is made the active window, etc.

You can use a static global to manage focus. Then access it from anywhere else:

public partial class MyDocument : DockContent
   public static MyDocument ActiveDocument { get; private set; }
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