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I'm having trouble coming up with a regular expression for a string in the given form:


where the key:value pairs are optional, but we must not have two colons in the same key:value pairs.

I've gotten this far:


some valid texts:

  • 123131
  • 123131, 123131, 1213313
  • 12313<key:value>
  • 232133<key:value><key:value>,232133<key:value><key:value>
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A linear string parser would be much better and easier to write and maintain. – OrangeDog Dec 15 '10 at 12:10

Try this:


Depending on which group you don't want to capture, you can change ( ) to (?: ).

Rubular link

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Try using this ^(\d+(<.+:.+>){1,2})(,\d+(<.+:.+>){1,2})*$ Hope it helped

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Thanks a lot for your responses, but none of them seem to do excactly what I'm looking for. I think maybe the easies thing is to follow OrangeDogs suggestion considering maintainability as well...

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