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Does anyone know of any way to list open transactions on SQL Server 2000 database?

I am aware that I can query the view sys.dm_tran_session_transactions on SQL 2005 (and later) database versions, however this is not available on SQL 2000.

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For all databases query sys.sysprocesses

SELECT * FROM sys.sysprocesses WHERE open_tran = 1

Alternatively, for the current database use:

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DBCC OPENTRAN helps to identify active transactions that may be preventing log truncation. DBCC OPENTRAN displays information about the oldest active transaction and the oldest distributed and nondistributed replicated transactions, if any, within the transaction log of the specified database. Results are displayed only if there is an active transaction that exists in the log or if the database contains replication information.

An informational message is displayed if there are no active transactions in the log.


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