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In SQL/Transact SQL, I am trying to update a temp table to take the latest date from 3 different date columns (in that temp table), and put that MAX date into a "latest date" column.

What is the best way to do this, using an update statement?

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With only three it's not so hard... This is definitely not extensible to an arbitrary number of datetime columns !

 Select Case When DT1 > DT2 And DT1 > DT3 Then DT1
             When DT2 > Dt3 Then Dt2 Else DT3 End
 From TableName
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it does not work with NULLs nicely, so careful here... – mishkin Sep 17 '12 at 14:34

I think you need to normalize your database from

RecordID, Column1, Column2, Column3


RecordID, ColumnID, Value

Then you'll be able to find the max value in the three columns easily...

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You could use 3 'If' statements, starting with the first date. Then after the 3rd 'If' statement, you will know which is the highest (max) date...

Then store that in a variable and work from there.

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(CASE WHEN field_1 > field_2 THEN 
    CASE WHEN field_1 > field_3 THEN field_1 ELSE field_3 END
    CASE WHEN field_2 > field_3 THEN field_2 ELSE field_3 END
END) AS maximum_date
FROM table
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Oracle has the GREATEST statement, you can sort of simulate it with functions or case statements

See this question:

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Perhaps a union?

select max(myDate)
from (
    select field_1 myDate from myTable where ...
    union all
    select field_2 myDate from myTable where ...
    union all
    select field_3 myDate from myTable where ...
) d

Of course, this hits the table three times for the same row. A CTE would probably solve that:

with myRow as (
    select field_1, field_2, field_3 from myTable where ...
select max(myDate)
from (
    select field_1 myDate from myRow
    union all
    select field_2 myDate from myRow
    union all
    select field_3 myDate from myRow
) d
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