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Sir, I am trying to develop a search engine in asp.net using lucene.net. I go through many tutorials and pages to get the appropriate results but i couldn't. Actually I have a folder with some files(doc,ppt,pdf,excel etc..) and i want to search within that folder only for contents and if the results are not found within that folder then ask user to search on web.

for example i have a folder with thousands of files @ C:\test and if user searched for "miller" then it should search into every document. if results are found then it should display results like that

Searched text file no of occurences miller C:\test\1\file.doc 5 miller C:\test\1\11\new.doc 2

please help me i am not getting appropriate results .

Waiting for your reply...

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what have you tried and at what step is it failing/are you getting unexpected results? –  BrokenGlass Dec 15 '10 at 13:26

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I'd suggest that you use the code from http://www.searcharoo.net. This is a lucene search engine that does almost exactly what you want and is open source. You will need to modify it slightly for your purposes.

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thanx a lot but I have problem in indexing a folder or where we can add folder path to which it has to monitor. Kindly Explain............. –  Gaurav Dec 20 '10 at 6:50

Lucene / Lucene.NET is just an indexing engine, you still have to extract the text from the file types that you want to support yourself -on Windows you can use the IFilter interface for many file types, if you have Acrobat Reader 7+ installed there should be built in support for IFilter for PDF files. As for the indexing part itself there are many, many samples out there.

Also see this thread What's a good method for extracting text from a PDF using C# or classic ASP (VBScript)?

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