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Ok, so I have an object named "Business" (I know, I know, "Business Business Object") When it saved its foreign keys are getting lost somehow. Everything else is saving. I have stepped through the code and followed the object up until the


method. The object at that point is intact and the foreign properties seem to be there. However when it is saved the foreign IDs are not in the Business Table. I can only imagine this may be due to me not mapping them correctly?

Here is where they are being mapped:

<many-to-one insert="false" update="false" name="_Township" column="TownshipId" class="HQData.Objects.Township, HQData" />

    <many-to-one insert="false" update="false" name="_User" column="UserId" class="HQData.Objects.User, HQData" />

    <many-to-one insert="false" update="false" name ="_SubCategory" column="SubCategoryId" class="HQData.Objects.SubCategory, HQData"/>

Here is where the object is being loaded and saved:

HQData.Objects.Business business = null;
    		if (BusinessId != 0)
    			business = BusinessManager.GetBusiness(BusinessId);
    			business = new HQData.Objects.Business();
    	    business._SubCategory = CategoryManager.GetCategory(Convert.ToInt32(ddlCategory.SelectedValue.Trim()));
    		business.Name = ControlHelper.Sanitize(txtName.Text.Trim());
    	    business.Address1 = ControlHelper.Sanitize(txtAddress.Text.Trim());
    	    business._Township = TownshipManager.GetTownshipByCityorZip(ControlHelper.Sanitize(txtTownship.Text));
    	    business.PhoneNumber = ControlHelper.Sanitize(txtPhone.Text.Trim());
    	    business.FaxNumber = ControlHelper.Sanitize(txtFax.Text.Trim());
    	    business.Email = ControlHelper.Sanitize(txtEmail.Text.Trim());
    	    business.Website = ControlHelper.Sanitize(txtWebsite.Text.Trim());
    	    business.AboutUs = ControlHelper.Sanitize(txtAboutUs.Text.Trim());
    	    business._User = UserManager.GetCurrentUser();


Thank you for your help.

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Set the insert update properties to true or remove them.

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Did you mean business._SubCategory.SubCategoryId

and not sure what GetCurrentUser returns but if Id as well...


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the object gets mapped in the Business.cs file as: public virtual User _User { get; set; } so, I don't think I can set the ID value, I set the entire object, no? –  Sara Chipps Jan 14 '09 at 23:12
Yes, it just looks like you are setting an int to the SubCategory instead of a SubCategory object. Don't set the Id value, instead set the SubCategory to the object. –  rball Jan 14 '09 at 23:20
Crap nevermind, just saw the CategoryManager.GetCategory around the int stuff. Oops. –  rball Jan 14 '09 at 23:34

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