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I have to build some chart in my page,I use extjs chart now,but I found it is rather heavy...

Through the google,there some jquery based lib,but I have no idea which is better,and it seems test them one by one is not a good idea,so I ask you guys if you have any experiences?

I just care the following points:

1)support drawing chart based json data.

2)reload chart when data refreshed.

3)easily and readable coding

4)the less thrid-part lib needed,the better.

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flot ticks all your boxes. I have been using it, seems pretty slick to me.

Flot supports column-line combined chart, thats actually why I used it, see here and here for a more comprehensive list of functionality.

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I like Flot, which does most of the things you require.

Here's a good list of charting libraries for jQuery:


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Hi,does the flot support column-line combined chart? –  hguser Dec 15 '10 at 13:48

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