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I need to be able to delete files from S3 that are stored by users, such as profile photos. Just calling @user.logo.destroy doesn't seem to do the trick - I get [paperclip] Saving attachments. in the logs and the file stays right there in the S3 bucket.

How can the file itself be removed?

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This are the methods from Paperclip that can be used to remove the attachments:

module Paperclip
  class Attachment
    # Clears out the attachment. Has the same effect as previously assigning  
    # nil to the attachment. Does NOT save. If you wish to clear AND save,
    # use #destroy.
    def clear
      @errors            = {}

    # Destroys the attachment. Has the same effect as previously assigning
    # nil to the attachment *and saving*. This is permanent. If you wish to
    # wipe out the existing attachment but not save, use #clear.
    def destroy

So you see, destroy only removes the attachment if no error occurs. I have tried it with my own setup against S3 so I know that destroy works.

Could the problem in your case possible be that you have any validations that cancels the save? I.e validates_attachment_presence or something similar?

I think one way to find out would be to try @user.logo.destroy and then check the content of @user.errors to see if it reports any error messages.

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I did as you listed here, can you please see my question here:… – simo Jan 4 '13 at 8:26

This seems like an answer to your question, although I don't totally understand their distinction between destroy and clear (I don't know which model has_attached_file, page or image):

Rails Paperclip how to delete attachment?

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