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i understand this is a silly question... bt i am so new to glassfish...

i have got an ear to deploy to deploy in glassfish 3. the ear has a jar and war inside already. the jar is a JPA jar and it has persistence.xml file. i have added a jar-file entry to load inside the persistence.xml file, with a jar entry which is not in the ear to be deployed. Where should i put the jar for glassfish to load it

( i have tried putting it in all lib folders in the glassfish dir and even inside various places in the ear only. there is something with lazy deployment i guess... so please suggest me a way to somehow solve this.)

thank for your time,


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i hate to say this... 'life was so easy with Jboss' –  Rajan Dec 15 '10 at 14:36

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okay, what i did was created a lib folder inside the ear, put the additional jar there and in the persistence.xml file inside the ejb jar, i had set the jar-file value as lib/jarname and it recognized...

thanks for yure time guys...


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lol! I'm sure the guys who moved to Jboss from GlassFish say the same. good to see you solved this check out

Sharing a persistence unit across components in a .ear file

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