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I want to create phing task for some plugins so the directory structure is something like

  - plugin1
    - index.php
  - plugin2
    - index.php


I want to run same tasks on each subdirectory - for example

  1. generate doc for plugin1
  2. run unit tests for plugin1
  3. deploy plugin1 somewhere
  4. generate doc for plugnin2 ...

Is this possible? I need something like

<foreach param="filename" absparam="absfilename" target="subtask">
  <fileset dir=".">
    <include name="*.php"/>

but for directories.

Or do I have to write build.xml for each plugin standalone?

Thanks a lot.

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Finally I discovered selectors which can solve my request:

<foreach param="dirname" absparam="absname" target="subtask">
  <fileset dir="${ws}/source/">
        <type type="dir" />
        <depth max="0" min="0" />

and call some task to do stuff

<target name="subtask">
    <echo msg="${dirname} ${absname}" />
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