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I've installed Passenger with Nginx for testing here and I keep getting this error after some thousand requests:

[ pid=57259 thr=0x40f07780 file=ext/nginx/HelperAgent.cpp:576 time=2010-12-15 14:04:25.876 ]: Uncaught exception in PassengerServer client thread:
   exception: write() failed: Socket is not connected (57)
     in 'void Client::forwardResponse(Passenger::SessionPtr&, Passenger::FileDescriptor&)' (HelperAgent.cpp:368)
     in 'void Client::handleRequest(Passenger::FileDescriptor&)' (HelperAgent.cpp:502)
     in 'void Client::threadMain()' (HelperAgent.cpp:595)

[ pid=57259 thr=0x40f07080 file=ext/nginx/HelperAgent.cpp:566 time=2010-12-15 14:04:26.416 ]: Couldn't forward the HTTP response back to the HTTP client: It seems the user clicked on the 'Stop' button in his browser.

I have 2 servers, and I was running haproxy+apache+mongrel on them, I switched one of them for haproxy+nginx+passenger (haproxy is only a backup for my testing, so I can redirect to the old schema quickly in case of fire).

So I noticed that my passenger dies after this message. Im using ruby-ee 1.8.7, rails 2.3.5 and FreeBSD.

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That turns out to be a FreeBSD kernel bug. We're slowly putting more workarounds in the Phusion Passenger codebase to work around this.

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If you could please give us more details about the bug or how you went about finding it, it would be really helpful I believe. –  dknight Mar 25 '13 at 13:43

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