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I am trying to copy files from one directory to another and test based upon the file creation date.

File.Copy(fileName, directory + fileNameOnly, true);

The problem occurs later in my program when I checked the creation date to ensure it is no more than 5 days old.

FileInfo file = new FileInfo(fileName);
if (file.CreationTime.AddHours(120) < DateTime.Now) {}

I have seen that the creation date when copied back is set to 1980-01-01. This is not useful for my requirements as I would like maintain the creation date from the original file. Is there another method of comparing the dates or is it the copy that loses the creation date value.

I guess my question is, how can I maintain the Creation Date?

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That's strange. I've tried copying a file using File.Copy, and in my case the copied file gets the current date/time as its creation date/time. But... not exactly. At every run the the creation date is the same, even though that is now 5 minutes ago. Even if I copy the same file to the same target using Explorer, the copied file shows that same date/time (which by then was 6 minutes ago). It almost looks like Windows is caching the creation date or something. If I change the target folder or filename, that new file gets the actual date/time. –  comecme Dec 15 '10 at 20:07

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Use the File.SetCreationTime method after you copy the file.
You can get the source file's creation time with File.GetCreationTime

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Thank you, I am a little tired today been very busy today and should have looked a little closer to find the fault. Found it now. –  Mr Gray Dec 15 '10 at 17:33
No problem ! :) –  Brian R. Bondy Dec 15 '10 at 17:38

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