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I am going to implement ACL in my ZendFramework-based pet-project. It requires the use of roles: guest, member, administrator. Resources would be: modules, controllers and actions.

The project itself is fairly small, but is likely to grow.

I investigated the subject and have found a decent amount of ready-to-integrate libraries, but the most obvious leaders are Zend_Auth and PEAR::LiveUser.

Which one would you suggest using and why?

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If your project is already ZF based, the obvious choice would be Zend_Acl because you won't need a possible additional autoloader (hardly an issue when adding PEAR classes though as ZF follows the same naming convention).

Zend_Acl can also be used with the Zend_Navigation helpers to render navigational elements on your pages with respect to permissions to resources. Of course, that's not an argument, if you don't need this functionality (you didn't say).

Regarding PEAR::LiveUser, it should be noted that that package seems to be more than just an ACL component, as (quote) takes care of the login process and can be configured to use a certain permission container and one or more different auth containers.. Zend_Acl does not provide any authentication mechanism. That's the responsibility of Zend_Auth.

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I decided to stick to Zend_Acl, because it's simple enough for my current project, and fast to integrate. And I'm also planning to use Zend_Navigation. Thank you for the response. – St.Woland Dec 16 '10 at 9:41

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