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I have a slash in the end of all urls in my site:

Url: http://example.com/help/
Rails chache file: public/cache/help.html

Here is my Nginx rewrite rule:

if ($uri ~* ^(.*)/$) {
  if (-f $document_root/cache/$1.html) {
    rewrite (.*) /cache/$1.html break;

Its not working because the $1 comes with the trailing slash... could someone help me with this regex?


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try moving the slash outside of your parenthesis so that it won't be included in $1


if that doesn't work, match all non-slash chars then one slash char

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in both regex, $1 comes with the trailing slash – Alexandre Bini Dec 15 '10 at 17:51

I solved the problem with this hack

module PageCachingHack
  class << self
    def included(base)
      base.alias_method_chain :page_cache_file, :trailing_slash

    def page_cache_file_with_trailing_slash(path)
      name = page_cache_file_without_trailing_slash(path)
      name.gsub!('.html', '/index.html') unless name =~ /index\.html/
      return name
ActionController::Caching::Pages::ClassMethods.send(:include, PageCachingHack)
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