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I have an interesting one that I am not sure how to address. I have access to a website that provides a front end into a database. As part of that front end I am able to write groovy code that executes on their server. I am looking to add some capabilities that their front end does not already have. To do so I need to direct users to another web site from within the groovy code. How can I create either a pop up or re-direct to another web page from within groovy? I know how to do it in javascript, but cannot run javascript on their page. I have spent hours looking through these pages I have not found anything to help.

One additional point. I cannot just direct my users to the new page due to the passing of security information I need to inherit from the original front end.


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Please provide some more details, for example what the interaction with the remove website looks like. – mfloryan Dec 15 '10 at 22:21
In what specific environment is the code executing? Is it within Grails or is the code being treated as a Groovlet (Groovy servlet)? – Matt Passell Mar 8 '11 at 1:03

I suggest you could try interacting with the remove website using the HTTP Builder

Other than that you could always do a simple HTTP redirect but I'm not sure that would fulfil your requirements. To redirect from a controller do:

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