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I have to interact with an API, and the response format (from what I've read) seems to be poorly structured. I've found a google groups reply to a somewhat similiar problem here, but I'm having trouble implementing a Response class to handle the Gson.fromJson. Is there an example I'm missing that's out there?


    "reference": 1023, 

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The JSON objects {} can be represented by a Map<String, Object> or a Javabean class. Here's an example which uses a Javabean.

public class ResponseData {
    private Response response;
    // +getter+setter

    public static class Response {
        private int reference;
        private Data data;
        // +getters+setters

    public static class Data {
        private User user;
        // +getter+setter

    public static class User {
        private String id;
        private String firstName; 
        private String lastName;
        private String email;
        private String phone;
        private Linkedid linkedid;
        // +getters+setters

    public static class Linkedid {
        private String id;
        // +getter+setter

Use it as follows:

ResponseData responseData = new Gson().fromJson(json, ResponseData.class);
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Why GSON requires inner class? – Chetan Apr 2 '14 at 11:37
@Chetan: That's not a GSON requirement. – BalusC Apr 2 '14 at 11:40
When I try to print these I get a null pointer exception. – Mr. Tea Jun 9 '15 at 2:34

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