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I try to write javascript code. It has one button and when clicked it its open a webpage which I choose. Now I want to learn when this page ( which I call) load.

Do you have any idea?

I think I cant express myself. I call another webpage from my webpaga. And I wantto learn calling website loading time.

I hope I tell my problem clearly. Do you help me.

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Not 100% clear on what you're asking, but using Firebug for Firefox along with ySlow extensions will give you alot of information about page and js load times.

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If you're asking about timing the page load, you could try implementing a timer like this:

var startTime = new Date().getTime();
open_webpage(); // Do whatever you want to do that requires timing
var timeTaken = startTime - new Date().getTime();
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I'm not sure what you want. Do you want to time the page load process in javascript, in which case there's episodes. Or in the browser, you can use YSlow.

Or do you want confirmation of when a page has loaded, in which case you'll want to perform an ajax request after the page has loaded which is something like this in jquery. (javascript isn't my primary language)

$(document).ready(function() {
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If you can use jQuery, the following will tell you when the ajax content has loaded:

  url: "ajaxPage.html",
  complete: function({
    alert("The ajax content has loaded!");
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