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Autoit IniWrite() overwriting key?

    IniWrite(@ScriptDir & "\php\php.ini", "Zend", "zend_extension_ts", '"' & @ScriptDir & '\Files\filename1.dll"')

    IniWrite(@ScriptDir & "\php\php.ini", "Zend", "zend_extension_ts", '"' & @ScriptDir & '\Files\filename2.dll"')

 //line 2 is overwriting the line 1?

It outputs the following within the php.ini:

zend_extension_ts="C:\Documents and Settings\App\Files\filename2.dll"

When it should output the following:

zend_extension_ts="C:\Documents and Settings\App\Files\filename1.dll" zend_extension_ts="C:\Documents and Settings\App\Files\filename2.dll"

Theirfore; how can I achieve the above output - can someone post some example code please, as I can't see anything on this on their documentation page?

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Managed to figure it out! - by using FileWriteLine()

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That the key is overwritten actually makes sense. A key name must be unique in an INI file within a section. This is also clearly stated in the help file.

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