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Neither NetBeans, nor Eclipse do very well with parsing the module pattern and putting the code into their outliners in a useful way. Is there something that does it better these days?

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Just found out how to make eclipse use the aptana plug-in for editing those files. That's better....

  1. install aptana
  2. preferences > general > editors > file associations
  3. select aptana in lower pane
  4. click Default

This question has some good answers, as well.

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Generally all IDEs from JetBrains has very good support for navigating and refactoring complex JavaScript constructs (including prototypical inheritance and the module pattern). I am particular impressed with their ability to refactor across HTML, CSS and JavaScript

You can read more about their JavaScript support here. Also note that this extensive JavaScript support is available across their entire line of Ruby, Python, Java, PHP and Web IDEs.

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The latest Eclipse (Kepler) understands and outlines modules

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