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I am unable to find the proper mysql function but am trying to find the maximum number of a times a single record appears within a database relative to all other records.

For example:

  ID   |  ....
   1   |  ....
   2   |  ....
   2   |  ....
   2   |  ....
   3   |  ....
   3   |  ....

the ideal return for what query i am trying to achieve is 3 (the count of 1 is 1, count of 2 is 3, count of 3 is 2 so return maximum count of ANY id).

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Can't nest directly, otherwise you'll get a grouped max. Nest the selects instead.

select max(c) from (
    count(*) c
  group by
    .. whatever ...
  ) x
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Count(*) grouped by id will return a number of rows equal to the number of ID numbers. The max will then give you the biggest. Which is what you want, yes? – Donnie Dec 15 '10 at 18:20
forget what i said, im an idiot and had the wrong field name in my actual query. Thanks! – JM4 Dec 15 '10 at 18:21
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