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I want to delay initialization of a CDockablePane derived window until the window is actually shown. If the window is simply docked then WM_SHOWWINDOW is pretty effective but when the window is in AutoHideMode WM_SHOWWINDOW is unpredictable and I can't see an event that indicates that the slide out has finished.

Any advice?

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The solution I've chosen is to override the virtual methods CDockablePane::ShowPane for when IsAutoHideMode() is FALSE and CDockablePane::OnSlide for when it's not.

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Try override CDockablePane::CheckStopSlideCondition, save bSlideDirection and the return value of the base class implementation somewhere

override CDockablePane::OnTimer and check the saved values after the base class implementation when nIDEvent is AFX_AUTO_HIDE_SLIDE_OUT_EVENT:

Note: AFX_AUTO_HIDE_SLIDE_OUT_EVENT is not documented and may be unavailable in future versions of MFC

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Thanks for the time, although I don't think this is quite the right solution. I've added an answer. –  snowdude Dec 16 '10 at 10:48

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