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I would like to delete this question, as it turns out to be based on a comletely in-correct assumption I made earlier in confusion, but I can't find a delete button. So I am going to write out the real problem, and answer it just so it's closed!

I have an asp.net 4.0 MVC2 app which uses forms authentication. It works perfectly locally, and appeared to work on the server ... but I kept being logged out after making ajax calls (hence the title).

However, the problem was not down to the ajax calls. I was just being logged out in seconds instead of in the timeout set in the web.config.

The problem was solved by generating a machineKey for my web.config.

For anyone who doesn't know about machineKey (like me an hour ago) just think of it as a randomly generated unique key used for encrypting values stored in your authcookie (that's probably not right, but it'll do for an overview).


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You can solve this problem by generating a machineKey.

I used this site to generate on http://aspnetresources.com/tools/machineKey

Just bung it in your web.config, publish, and upload your site. I had to re-upload the entire published site before it took affect, replacing the web.config alone didn't do it.

Good luck

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