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i am using this connection string in .net to connect to oracle and keep timing out getting a large result set.

how can i set a longer connection timeout using this connection string?

static private string GetOracleConnectionString()
    return "User Id=USER;Password=pass;Data Source=(DESCRIPTION=" +
            "(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=TCP)(HOST=" +

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return "User Id=USER;Password=pass;Data Source=(DESCRIPTION=" +
            "(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=TCP)(HOST=" +
            "(CONNECT_DATA=(SID=QCTRP1)));Connection Timeout=60;";

More info on Oracle Data Provider for .NET / ODP.NET

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are you looking for a connection timeout on the connection string?

When a connection is closed, the connection pooling service determines whether the connection lifetime has exceeded the value of the Connection Lifetime attribute. If so, the connection is closed; otherwise, the connection goes back to the connection pool. (

or are you looking for the CommandTimeout on the command item?

Specifies the number of seconds the command is allowed to execute before terminating the execution with an exception

I think for a long running query you will need to extend the CommandTimeout property... however it defaults to 0 (no limit) so you may want to check that

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