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I'm using ibatis in spring to write to mysql.

I have an intermittent bug. On each cycle of a process I write two rows to the db. The next cycle I read in the rows from the previous cycle. Sometimes (one time in 30, sometimes more frequently, sometimes less) I only get back one row from the db.

I have turned off all caching I can think of. My sqlmap-config.xml just says:

<settings enhancementEnabled="false" statementCachingEnabled="false" classInfoCacheEnabled="false"/>

<sqlMap resource="ibatis/model/cognitura_core.xml"/>

Is there some asynchrony, or else caching to spring or ibatis or the mysql driver that I'm missing?

Using spring 3.0.5, mybatis 2.3.5, mysql-connector-java 5.0.5


Could it be because I'm using a pool of connections (c3p0)? Is it possible the insert is still running when I'm reading. It's weird, though, I thought everything would be occuring synchronously unless I explicitly declared asynch?

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Are you calling SqlSession.commit() after the inserts? C3P0 asynchronously "closes" the connections, which may be calling commit under the covers. That could explain the behavior you are seeing.

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Thanks for the suggestion. That sounds very promising.. I'm not sure what you mean by SqlSession.commit(). I'm calling the insert like so getSqlMapClientTemplate().insert("insertIterationHistory",dataMap); - the template doesn't appear to have a commit method. Should I just annotate the method with @Transaction? I guess I don't really understand where the commit is supposed to take place. I thought each insert would auto-commit by default.. –  bruce Dec 16 '10 at 3:47
Hmmm.. I just read old.nabble.com/how-to-dusable-asynch-threads---td21196742.html adding weight to your asynchronous explanation. I think I'm just going to use a different connection pool that does things synchronously.. –  bruce Dec 16 '10 at 3:56
Sorry, misread that as MyBatis 3. The principle is the same. You need a transaction to get a DB commit, so adding the annotation should work, assuming you have a DataSourceTransactionManager configured and have something like <tx:annotation-driven transaction-manager="transactionManager" /> in your Spring config. –  AngerClown Dec 16 '10 at 12:49

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