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Are there any sitemaps that I can use to auto generate links for my site and update daily automatically for search engines?

I'm using PHP & MySQL.

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Are you looking for a pre-fab tool? That's a pretty tough order. Any sort of tool would have no way of knowing what pages you have on your website, and whether or not they should be visible. Are you saying you want to generate an XML sitemap? – Jonah Dec 15 '10 at 20:57
yes I would like to generate an xml sitemap. If there is none all line I will ask another question on how to create an XML sitemape using PHP & XML – HELP Dec 15 '10 at 21:02

I automated this process with my simple sitemap generator:

class SiteMap {

    public static function generate() {
        global $known_classes;
        $methodName = "siteMap";
        $result = "";
        foreach ($known_classes as $file => $path) {
            if(String::endsWith($file, "Controller.class.php")) {
                $dotPos = stripos($file, '.');
                $className = substr($file, 0, $dotPos);
                //              echo $className . '<br>';

                if(method_exists($className, $methodName)) {
                    $refl = new ReflectionMethod($className, $methodName);
                    $data = $refl->invoke(NULL); // invoke static method with no paramaters
                    //                  echo $data;
                    foreach ($data as $dataEl) {
                        $result .= self::add($dataEl);

        $header =  '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<urlset xmlns="">';
        $footer = "\r\n</urlset>";

        $sitemap = $header . $result . $footer;

        return $sitemap;

    private static function add($data) {
        $result = "\r\n\t<url>\r\n";
        foreach ($data as $key => $value) {
            if($key == 'loc') {
                $value = htmlspecialchars($value);
            $result .= "\t\t<$key>$value</$key>\r\n";
        return $result . "\t</url>";

Known classes are is a global hash that I use for class auto-loading.

'AdminController.class.php' => '/pathto/',

I poll every every controller and ask them for the links they are capable of handling. Each controller that you want to include in sitemap much have:

public static function siteMap() {
    $pageURL = 'http://' . $_SERVER["SERVER_NAME"];
    $data = array(
    array("loc" => $pageURL . "/services"),
    return $data;


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XML sitmap builder , crawls all you're pages and indexes you're link up to level 5 in a tree for free

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This does not answer your question directly, but if you happen to be using Joomla, there are plugins that do this automatically. The one I use, joomap, generates both an html site map for use on the website as well as an xml map. You can then log in to google and register your xml file. Every time the site map is hit or google indexes, it automatically creates a new html or xml as needed. Cool!

If your site has more than a few pages, it is worth looking at a CMS to manage things like this automatically.

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