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I have a website that users can dynamically add widgets to. These widgets use the Peter Higgins pub/sub plug-in to $.(subscribe) to an event that I $.(publish) from another 'core' module.

I have widgets in their own name space like this: km.widget.name1, km.widget.name2, etc.

So the handles created by $.(subscribe) aren't global.

I do not know how to unsubscribe these widgets when the user decides to remove the widget from their custom page.

Also, how would I know which widget to unsubscribe from?

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Did you find a good solution to this? We're going to have the same issue pretty soon. Would be interesting to see how you solved it. – henriksen Apr 6 '11 at 11:57

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This doesn't solve your problem directly, but it may very well help you out. This is a recent blog by Sam Clearman. He describes a way to handle publish/subscribe events without using that plugin:

jQuery custom events provide a built in means to use the publish subscribe pattern in a way that is functionally equivalent, and syntactically very similar, to Higgin’s pub/sub plugin: Just bind observers to document.

Doing it this way, you may be able to solve your current issues.

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I had seen this article before and I'm just not convinced this is the answer. – Shawn Dec 20 '10 at 21:27

I haven't used the pubsub plugin before, but I just glanced at the source code and it looks like you can unsubscribe in exactly the same as as you subscribe, just using $.unsubscribe(...) rather than $.subscribe(...).

Is this something you already know, and the problem is caused by your widget namespacing? I'm not really sure of what you mean by namespacing, anyway, since JavaScript doesn't support true namespaces (just objects - which I'm guessing is what you're using).

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