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I have an Array (twodimensional) and i insert it into my database.

My Code:

$yourArr = $_POST;

$action = $yourArr['action'];
$mysql = $yourArr['mysql'];
$total = $yourArr['total'];
unset( $yourArr['action'] , $yourArr['mysql'] , $yourArr['total'] );

foreach ($yourArr as $k => $v) {
  list($type,$num) = explode('_item_',$k);
  $items[$num][$type] = $v;
$pnr= $items[$num][pnr];
$pkt= $items[$num][pkt];
$desc= $items[$num][desc];
$qty= $items[$num][qty];
$price= $items[$num][price];

$eintragen = mysql_query("INSERT INTO rechnungspositionen (artikelnummer, menge, artikel, beschreibung,preis) VALUES ('$pnr', '$qty', '$pkt', '$desc', '$price')");

I get 5 inserts in the Database but only the 5th have the informations i want. The firsts are incomplete.

Can someone help me?

Sorry for my english.

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incomplete? what's missing? –  travelboy Dec 15 '10 at 21:00
Is this php? If so please add the php tag –  Enrique Dec 15 '10 at 21:01

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check if You have sent vars from browser in array (like
input name="some_name[]" ...

also You can check, what You get at any time by putting var_dump($your_var) in any place in script.

good luck:)

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You probably want to have your query and the 5 assignments above that outside of the foreach. Instead in a new loop which only executes once for every item instead of 5 times. Your indentation even suggests the same however your brackets do not.

Currently it is only assigning one value each time and executing a new query. After 5 times all the variables are assigned and the last inserted row finally has everything proper.


$items = array();

foreach($yourArr as $k => $v) {

    // check here if the variable is one you need
    list($type, $num) = explode('_item_', $k);
    $items[$num][$type] = $v;

foreach($items as $item) {

    $pnr   = mysql_real_escape_string($item['pnr']);
    $pkt   = mysql_real_escape_string($item['pkt']);
    $desc  = mysql_real_escape_string($item['desc']);
    $qty   = mysql_real_escape_string($item['qty']);
    $price = mysql_real_escape_string($item['price']);

    $eintragen = mysql_query("INSERT INTO rechnungspositionen (artikelnummer, menge, artikel, beschreibung,preis) VALUES ('$pnr', '$qty', '$pkt', '$desc', '$price')");

Switching on your error level to E_ALL would have hinted in such a direction, among else:

  • unquoted array-keys: if a constant of the same name exists your script will be unpredictable.

  • unescaped variables: malformed values or even just containing a quote which needs to be there will fail your query or worse.

  • naïve exploding: not each $_POST-key variable will contain the string item and your list will fail, including subsequent use of $num

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