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I have a excel file like this:

1 word1 : mean1
2 word2 : mean2
3 word3 : mean3

and I have saved this a cvs file. Can I import this cvs file to mysql with this table?

id   word   mean
1    word1  mean1
2    word2  mean2

I have tried CSV using LOAD DATA with Fields terminated by : and only ids imported. Thanks in advance

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Make a copy of your Excel file. In the copy:

  • delete the row with the a in it.
  • delete the column with the colons.
  • insert a headings row, so that the spreadsheet looks like the table you want in MySQL.

Export the copy to CSV.

Create a database in phpMyAdmin.

Use these settings on the Import page of phpMyAdmin.

In the Format of imported file section, select CSV.

In the Options section, set the following:

  • Fields terminated by , (after all, it is a CSV file with comma separated values)
  • Fields enclosed by "
  • Column names in first row checked

In the File to import section, browse for the file on your computer, wherever you saved it.

Click the Go button.

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Your best bet is a short PHP script, something like this:


$fp = fopen('path-to-csv.csv','r');

while ($row = fgetcsv($fp)) {

$sql = "INSERT INTO `table` (`col1`,`col2`) VALUES ('{$row[0]}','{$row[1]')";


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I think you need to skip first row ... – ajreal Dec 15 '10 at 22:34
I want to inset data thet separeted with ',' in two colomn. – TheNone Dec 16 '10 at 8:44
A script is not necessary. – systemovich Dec 16 '10 at 17:55

use phpmyadmin

choose export as Excel 2007 XLSX Workbook

check the checkbox saying

Put fields names in the first row

Save as file. Thats all.

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