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I use ksoap to connect to a soap web service. And get a Soapobject in return. How would I parse this complex soapobject.

My problem is that a SoapObject returns an object for getProperty, this can be a leaf or a node in the tree. I have a complex resultobject that consists of some ints and strings and a list of complex objects. I now somehow have to decide if the property is a leaf or another complex object that can be parsed as an SoapObject.

Is there an example on how to parse this?

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You could find this tutorial useful on handling complex objects in KSOAP with Android:

Complex objects tutorial with sample code

Hope this helps

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I think, you can use this android web service client open source tool. Where you needn't parse the complex response object. Its just like call a method of a service.

say, for a service say ComplexRespService with param ComplexResponse you have to just write :

 ComplexRespService service = new ComplexRespService ();
 CoplextRespPort port = service.getPort();
 ComplexResponse resp = port.getResponse ( "someRequest");

In this way, It support the complex request/response. This tool can generate "ws client stub" from just the wsdl file.

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I have added a bit about parsing a complex pojo array on the wiki now. Check it out at

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