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I need to popup some buttons in Flex 4. Users should be able to see the background (ideally a little faded, but not important) around and in between the buttons. And clicking anywhere except the buttons should dismiss them all.

So I created a spark Panel and added a spark VGroup with some buttons. Then I call

PopupManager.addPopUp(myNewPanel, background, true);

My 2 main problems are the panel is not transparent and clicking outside the buttons doesn't dismiss them... How do I implement that?

UPDATE: Figured out how to dismiss the popup when clicking outside the panel with:

    addEventListener("mouseDownOutside", close);

    private function close(event:FlexMouseEvent):void {

Now I just need to figure out how to make the Panel transparent so you can see the background around and in between the buttons.

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You should use FlexMouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN_OUTSIDE instead of the string "mouseDownOutside". Code completion, compile-time checking and makes it easier for others to read your code.

For the background, you can use css to style it. Heres a list of all the css properties for a spark panel - http://docs.huihoo.com/flex/4/spark/components/Panel.html#styleSummary

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Thank you greg! the constant vs the string makes sense of course, changed that. Was able to do the backgroundAlpha="0", works great. Everything is as I want it, except there's a bar at the top of the panel which doesn't disappear :(. I assume it's the controlBar, but it remains even with controlBarVisible="false". Any ideas? –  at. Dec 16 '10 at 0:20
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