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Bash seems to remove trailing newlines from the output of subshells. For instance:

$ echo "Newline: '$(echo $'\n')'"

will produce the output

Newline: ''

Does anyone know a workaround or a way to prevent this truncation from happening?

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If all you need is just a newline in a variable:


If you need to retain the newline, you can do this (which you show in your own answer):

f () { echo "hello"; }
output=$(f; echo "x")
echo "'$output'"

Resulting in:

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After some more experimentation I found a workaround using shell variables. Basically, I make sure that the output does not end in a newline, then I strip off the added text later

output="$(echo $'\n'x )"
echo "Newline: '$output'"

This gives the proper output

Newline: '
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You can use the -e option to enable interpretation of backslash escapes and do it all with one echo.

$ echo -e "Newline: '\n'"

will produce the output

Newline: '
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Thanks Andrew, but I was just using the inner echo $'\n' as an example. My actual subshell was significantly more complicated. – Quantum7 Dec 20 '10 at 1:47

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