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In one of my models I use a non standard primary which is handled in the migration file like this:

create_table item_similarities, :id => false do |t|


execute "ALTER TABLE item_similarities ADD constraint pk_item_similarities " +
        "PRIMARY KEY (item_id_1, item_id_2)"

Now, when I run rake test the schema is copied into the test database but without setting the primary key (item_id_1, item_id_2) in the test database.

Could anyone please help how this can be achieved?

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Rails dumps it schema information into db/schema.rb. Check that file, but your own SQL will probably not be there. You can set it to dump sql, but I don't know if your own SQL will be included:

ActiveRecord::Base.schema_format = :sql
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Yes, it included my own SQL! Now, when running "rake test" structure of the development database is dumped in db/development_structure.sql. This file is used to recreate the test database which now exactly matches the development database. –  dasboe Dec 16 '10 at 12:15

Rails doesn't have a lot of support for composite primary keys.

Try dumping the sql structure of your database like this:

rake db:structure:dump

It should create a file like db/development_structure.sql

Then do this to load that file into your test database:

rake db:test:clone_structure
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