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On a function call from an image, I am trying to insert the alt tag value from the image into the textarea at the position where the caret currently is.

This is the code that I currently have which inserts the alt tag value to the end of the text area.

    $("#emoticons").children().children().click(function () {
        var ch = $(this).attr("alt");


The 2 things I have been having a problem with is determining the position of the caret, and creating a new string with the value of the textarea before the carets positon + the code I'm inserting + the value of the textarea after the carets position.

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i've currently got this extension in place:

$.fn.insertAtCaret = function(text) {
    return this.each(function() {
        if (document.selection && this.tagName == 'TEXTAREA') {
            //IE textarea support
            sel = document.selection.createRange();
            sel.text = text;
        } else if (this.selectionStart || this.selectionStart == '0') {
            //MOZILLA/NETSCAPE support
            startPos = this.selectionStart;
            endPos = this.selectionEnd;
            scrollTop = this.scrollTop;
            this.value = this.value.substring(0, startPos) + text + this.value.substring(endPos, this.value.length);
            this.selectionStart = startPos + text.length;
            this.selectionEnd = startPos + text.length;
            this.scrollTop = scrollTop;
        } else {
            // IE input[type=text] and other browsers
            this.value += text;
            this.value = this.value;    // forces cursor to end

and you can use it like so:

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also, i found this on someone's blog a long time ago and modified it to be more cross-browser. it's not 100% but should do the trick. i can't remember where i found it though. –  ob. Dec 16 '10 at 1:19
does it work in IE 7, 8, 9? –  andufo Jul 22 '12 at 17:47
@andufo Why don't you try it? –  Chris Peters Feb 13 '13 at 13:19
It not working in IE8. Works in IE11 –  YulCheney Aug 27 at 3:27

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