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I'm trying to build an edit column, but my routine isn't quite right for some reason. My value of "store" is not returning anything like I thought it would.

Any thoughts?

    function editLinkRenderer(value, metadata, record, rowIndex, colIndex, store) {
    if (store == V2020.ServiceStore)
        return '<a href="javascript:editServices(' + value + ')">Edit</a>';
    else if (store == V2020.PriceStore)
        return '<a href="javascript:editPrice(' + value + ')">Edit</a>';
    else if (store == V2020.PromoStore)
        return '<a href="javascript:editPromo(' + value + ')">Edit</a>';
    return "Edit";

I'm using it in my gridpanel like so:

{ header: "Edit", width: 60, dataIndex: 'serviceID', sortable: false, renderer: editLinkRenderer },
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I don't see any mistake in your code, the only possibility I can see is the store == V2020.ServiceStore to be true the two object has to be the same instance. using firebug does the store seems to be ok? –  RageZ Dec 16 '10 at 2:07
How is this function being called? If this is a listener to something like an EditorGridPanel, you should know which store it's being called from. Offhand, I can't tell which event would trigger this function. –  Kenny Peng Dec 16 '10 at 3:18

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You might consider using an ActionColumn. That way you can do this:

var items = [ ... ]; // existing items
if (store.constructEditColumn) {

Where your constructEditColumn might look like this:


constructEditColumn: function() {
  return {
    xtype: 'actioncolumn',
    items: {
      text: 'Edit',
      handler: function() {
        // do stuff
      scope: this

Barring that, I'd be suspicious of doing equality on the stores. Are the two params before store ints? Can you breakpoint and take a look at whether the record.store property is what you expect? Old version of Ext, perhaps, with a different signature to the renderer?

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I appreciate you taking a look, but I figured out the issue.

I had two V2020.ServiceStore defined by mistake and the latter one was mucking everything up.

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