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I searching algorithm to solve problem like this:

I have few windows, each window can be moved and re sized but with specified ratio between width and height, eg. 2:1 (height:width).

Each window can't be on other window and all windows must be fully visible. Free area (desktop wallpaper visibility) must be minimal.

Can anyone tell me what algorithm i need for this type of problem?


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Another approach, which might be simpler to implement than packing, would be to subdivide your screen size into the required number of panes, then fit a window which satisfies your other requirements inside the pane. Since you'll probably have a small number of windows open at any time, and since your screen doesn't change its size dynamically, you can probably pre-compute all the arrangements you need for 1 up to O(100) open windows.

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One approach would be to treat it as a 2D packing problem, like the 1D bin packing problem. There's a sample algorithm posted here, for example, with some good references.

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What with window resizing feature? – Svisstack Dec 16 '10 at 12:07
Yes, all you need to do is relayout -- the layout algorithm is what you're after isn't it, not the infrastructure around it? – Tim Barrass Dec 16 '10 at 12:12

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