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Is it considered a bad practice if you modify a reference variable in a method without returning it?

For example:

public Widget GetWidget()
    Widget widget = FetchWidget();
    return widget;

public void ApplyPartNamePrefixes(Widget widget)
    widget.PartName1 = String.Format("{0}{1}", "*", widget.PartName1);
    widget.PartName2 = String.Format("{0}{1}", "**", widget.PartName2);
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As shown, that method feels like it should be an instance method on the Widget class and instead of taking a parameter widget, operate on the current instance (this). –  Josh Dec 16 '10 at 3:39
However, even as written, it's pretty clear by your method name that you are changing something, so I think you're safe here. –  CubanX Dec 16 '10 at 3:43

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No, that's fine. That's the point of reference variables. :)

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It is fine if the method you are calling documents that it will change values in the object. This could be either through XML documentation or through a good naming convention. You have ApplyPartNamePrefixes(Widget widget) which somewhat implies that it will change the state of the widget however if you had DoStuff which is vague or something like GetData then that would be a rather painful experience if it changed the objects state.

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