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Is there a standard "official" way of using Smarty with Kohana 3? I see there are some options that seem less than ideal and will probably break when either Smarty or Kohana's minor version number increases.

(as a side question, is it a good idea to use Smarty with Kohana? I'm only trying to have it installed because I'm very familiarized with Smarty and I'm afraid Kohana won't provide all the stuff I love about Smarty..)

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You might want to consider using Twig instead of Smarty. There is already a module for it. –  Kendall Hopkins Dec 16 '10 at 4:08

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Ko3 supports plain php views "from the box", any other template engine can be added as module. This is "standard official" way to extend Ko3 framework features.

If you need a better module, you can modify/extend existing one for your purposes. A lot of people are using templates like Smarty, Dwoo, Twig etc, so dont afraid ;)

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You will need to use or create a module that overrides the built in Kohana::View. There is an existing module already available so you don't need to create one yourself:

KSmarty: https://bitbucket.org/dfox/ksmarty/wiki/Home

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I would advise you to use Kostache Makes life much more easy and you don't have to learn a new 'language'

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