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I have 2 different web servers on a Debian Lenny machine. One is running FastCGI (TRAC) and the other web server is running PHP and some CGI scripts. So I have currently the 2 Apache2 modules enabled (cgi and fcgi) and the 2 vhosts setup accordingly. I have no other particular interest for these both modules running at the same time.

So I want to keep ONLY Apache fastcgi module running as it looks to be the more efficient one.

Could you pls confirm the following assessments to be right or correct ?
1- I will have nothing to do/change for the TRAC site (already running fcgi)
2- I will have to tune the other web server vhost to be set with an handler to fastcgi scripts
3- I will have to change only the perl modules from "use CGI" to "use CGI::Fast"
4- I will be able to keep the rest of the perl existing CGI scripts w/o other changes
5- I do not need to use CGI::Apache but CGI::FastCGI (i/o the current CGI module) in the web server scripts

I hope my point is clear as it's all a bit foreign to me ...


thx for the hints to Naveed and J-16,
Here is what I did to get it working if it can help others :

  • hum, installed CGI::Fast with CPAN, then it works better..
    On Debian with libperl already installed

    perl -MCPAN -e shell
    cpan> install CGI::Fast
  • changed filename from *.cgi to *.fcgi,

  • included the fastcgi while loop as adviced below by Naveed,
  • setup the apache concerned vhost with the right handler for fastcgi (See fastcgi doc)
  • enabled the Apache fastcgi module (a2enmod fastcgi) and disabled the cgi module,
  • checked the fastcgi.conf file in the Apache settings,
  • restarted Apache,
  • checked the fastcgi running as an Apache sub process (ps -afx),
  • fixed some script issues, already in.. but newly appearing when running fastcgi, as adviced (errors detected by checking the Apache logs),
  • EDIT: adapted the file upload code as the initial script did not work anymore (still don't understand why), so I had to replace the while loop by a such one:

    while ($bytes_count = read($file_query,$buffer,2096)) {
    $size += $bytes_count;
    print FILE $buffer;
  • done.

World is not yet perfect but it finally works.

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You will have to do a little more than just change use CGI to use CGI::Fast. Make sure you wrap you CGI scripts with a while loop, as the documentation states

use CGI::Fast;
while (CGI::Fast->new()) {
    # The original CGI code goes in here
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also, if you relay on uninitialized global variables (ugh) in your cgi, you may have to fix it.. – J-16 SDiZ Dec 16 '10 at 8:04
Thx to you both. – hornetbzz Dec 17 '10 at 0:25

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