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What Linux command allow me to check if all the lines in file A exist in file B? (it's almost like a diff, but not quite). Also file A has uniq lines, as is the case with file B as well.

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The comm command compares two sorted files, line by line, and is part of GNU coreutils.

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Are you looking for a better diff tool?

Best Diff Tool?

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So, what if A has


and b has


What would you want the output to be(yes or no)?

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I want the output to be yes. –  syker Dec 16 '10 at 4:44
if cat A A B | sort | uniq -c | egrep -e '^[[:space:]]*2[[:space:]]' > /dev/null; then
   echo "A has lines that are not in B."

If you do not redirect the output, you will get a list of all the lines that are in A that are not in B (except each line will have a 2 in front if it). This relies on the lines in A being unique, and the lines in B being unique.

If they aren't, and you don't care about counting duplicates, it's relatively simple to transform each file into a list of unique lines using sort and uniq.

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