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Can any one tell me the Difference between style = "position:absolute" and style = "position:relative" and how they differ in case i add it to div/span/input elements?

i am using absolute right now but want to explore in relative as well, i mean how it will change the positioning and all?

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The 'position' property in CSS 2.1. –  Josh Lee Dec 16 '10 at 5:53
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Absolute positioning means that the element is taken completely out of the normal flow of the page layout. As far as the rest of the elements on the page are concerned, the absolutely positioned element simply doesn't exist. The element itself is then drawn separately, sort of "on top" of everything else, at the position you specify using the left, right, top and bottom attributes.

Using the position you specify with these attributes, the element is then placed at that position within it's last ancestor element which has a position attribute of anything other than static (static is the positioning elements use if they have no position attribute specified), or the document body (browser viewport) if no such ancestor exists.

For example, if I had this code:

  <div style="position:absolute; left: 20px; top: 20px;"></div>

...then the <div> would be positioned 20 px from the top of the browser viewport, and 20px from the left edge of same.

However, if I did something like this:

 <div id="outer" style="position:relative">
   <div id="inner" style="position:absolute; left: 20px; top: 20px;"></div>

...then the inner div would be positioned 20px from the top of the outer div, and 20px from the left edge of same, because the outer div isn't positioned with position:static because we've explicitly set it to use position:relative.

Relative positioning, on the other hand, is just like stating no positioning at all, but the left, right, top and bottom attributes "nudge" the element out of their normal layout. The rest of the elements on the page still get laid out as if the element was in its normal spot though.

For example, if I had this code:


...then all three <span> elements would sit next to each other without overlapping.

If I set the second <span> to use relative positioning, like this:

<span style="position: relative; left: -5px;">Span2</span>

...then Span2 would overlap the right side of Span1 by 5px. Span1 and Span3 would sit in exactly the same place as they did in the first example, leaving a 5px gap between the right side of Span2 and the left side of Span3.

Hope that clarifies things a bit.

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You'll definitely want to check out this positioning article from A List Apart. Helped demystify CSS positioning (which seemed insane to me, prior to this article).

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With CSS positioning, you can place an element exactly where you want it on your page.

When you are going to use CSS positioning, the first thing you need to do is use the CSS property position to tell the browser if you're going to use absolute or relative positioning.

Both Postion are having different features.In Css Once you set Position then you can able to use top,right,bottom,left attributes.

Absolute Position

An absolute position element is positioned relative to the first parent element that has a position other than static.

Relative Position

A relative positioned element is positioned relative to its normal position.

To position an element relatively, the property position is set as relative. The difference between absolute and relative positioning is how the position is being calculated.

More :Postion Relative vs Absolute

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Absolute positioning is based on co-ordiantes of the display:


^ places the element top left of the window.

Relative position is relative to where the element is placed:


^ places the element 1px down and 1px from the left of where it originally sat :)

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Absolute places the object (div, span, etc.) at an absolute forced location (usually determined in pixels) and relative will place it a certain amount away from where it's location would normally be. For example:

position:relative; left:-20px;

Might make the left side of the text disappear if it was within 20px to the left edge of the screen.

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