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So std::cout is an object. My doubt is how/where is it constructed/instantiated.


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In the library somewhere that you don't have easy access to. Remember that you're not guaranteed anything about how it's constructed, just that it is and what it'll do –  Robert Dec 16 '10 at 5:48

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It's constructed by ios_base::Init. First time that object is created, cout and friends are created. If the last object is destroyed, cout and friends are flushed (calling .flush()).

In C++0x it will be guaranteed that if you include <iostream>, and use of cout and friends after the #include will use constructed cout and friends objects. In C++03, it is said that

The objects are constructed, and the associations are established at some time prior to or during first time an object of class ios_base::Init is constructed, and in any case before the body of main begins execution.

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if you're not already aware, std::cout is an ostream object included in the file "iostream"

if you open the file and look for 'cout' you'll see on line 53:

__PURE_APPDOMAIN_GLOBAL extern _CRTDATA2 ostream cout;

including a file, ie iostream, tells the compiler to also compile the file in the project. in effect, std::cout is initiated in the file iostream when you include it

you can go into more of the details if you look around the code at line 53 of iostream :D

hope this helps -Mike

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