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So I got asked today what was the best way to find the closes match within a collection.

For example, you've got an array like this:

1, 3, 8, 10, 13, ...

What number is closest to 4?

Collection is numerical, unordered and can be anything. Same with the number to match.

Lets see what we can come up with, from the various languages of choice.


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another PHP answer:

function closestMatch($int, $in) {
    $diffs = array();
    foreach ($in as $i)
        $diffs[abs($int - $i)] = $i;
    foreach ($diffs as $i) return $i;

Python + numpy

import numpy as np
f = lambda lst, target: lst[np.argmin(np.abs(np.array(lst) - target))]


>>> f([1,2,5,3,10],9)

Excel VBA - find Excel Range's Index or Value Closest to Target Value

Given an existing Excel Range, rangeOfValues:

  1. find index of the closest matching value in the Range using Application.Match (note that the Match method returns a Double)

    Dim iMatch as Double 
    iMatch = Application.Match(valueToMatch, rangeOfValues)
  2. find the closest Range value to the Target Value using VLOOKUP/HLOOKUP

    Dim closest as Variant
    closest = VLOOKUP(valueToMatch, rangeOfValues)

If an exact match is needed:

Dim exactM as Variant
exactM = VLOOKUP(valueToMatch, rangeOfValues, False)

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