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Is there any ways to Clear the catalin.out logs file....? in certain intervals.

if Increasing the logs file more than 5GB than server will be automatically shutdown.

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If you are on linux and you want to clear the log now without restarting tomcat then you can do:

cat /dev/null > /path/to/logfile
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I have developed .sh file to clear catalina.out file that i will put at location where my project is deployed in tomcat.Now i will execute that file from my java code at certain interval.

Following is the command in my .sh file

echo "" > path to catalina.out file

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One possibility is to use log4j instead of the default logging provided by tomcat. log4j provides a RollingFileAppender, which can do the above job.

Refer to this tomcat link for details.

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I suggest to use cronolog - it basically works as a proxy. You can pipe the log output via it, and configure the settings for cronolog how you want your log files to be rotated.

This has an advantage so you don't need to restart your Tomcat just for log cleanup/rotation.

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You should use log rotation and then log archiving.

log rotation will split the log with respect to size, date or time, so that the log will not grow in huge size. And the inactive log files can be zipped/compressed or moved to different path/filesystem.

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