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In the new WPF application we write, we will be using DevExpress controls suite, and will have a Ribbon.

Which Ribbon library would you recommend using?

Currently, the options I see are:

  1. Microsoft - The vendor's offer, probably will get into the library on the next release
  2. DevExpress - The controls library we know and love
  3. Fluent - Open-source, got generally good recommendations

Do you have any recommendation as to which Ribbon library to use?

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Fluent Ribbon here! The Microsoft one lacks good support

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WE used Fluent ribbon because Microsoft ribbon lacked in-ribbon gallery. –  splintor Jul 30 at 16:09
The codeplex site for this project is also active. In case there are bugs. –  juFo Jul 31 at 7:09

I believe one of the most used is the Microsoft one.

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We will start using Microsoft Ribbon, although it has some limitation. –  splintor Mar 1 '11 at 8:06
The Microsoft Ribbon has many limitations. I am considering releasing a Ribbon control I wrote on my own. I planned to use it in my own apps, but I can see that there are still many others who can't afford $$$ for a good Ribbon, so I will release it for free. –  baeltazor Aug 19 '13 at 9:21

Microsoft's Ribbon library (October 2010) does not work well with non standard DPI settings. And it's design time support is not good.

Comparing to Microsoft one, I personally think Actipro Ribbon is a better choice. It has EXCELLENT design time support, and works well with non standard DPI.

I have not tried any other Ribbon library yet.

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Thanks for letting me know. We want not to relay on too many third-parties, so we will start with Microsoft Ribbon. I hope its problems won't be too limiting. –  splintor Mar 1 '11 at 8:07

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