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For testing purposes I am trying to write a script using WWW::Mechanize that would login to Gowalla via https://api.gowalla.com/signin

As I can see the login form does not have a "name" attribute but it has an "id" attribute. Mech has a "submit_form" method that can get the name as a parameter but I don't see it accepting the id as a parameter.

So would that be then

fields => {
    username => $username,
    user_session_password => $password,
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You've selected the form via id attribute, but that doesn't allow you to use id attribute to select fields, this should fix your code:

fields => {
    user_session[username] => $username,
    user_session[username] => $password,

If you get an error, enclose the field names in single quotes, not sure whether the square brackets will be a problem.

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WWW::Mechanize sets the focus onto the single form automatically. You can submit it with $m->click('') or $m->submit();

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