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So for example, if i have drive Z:NetworkDrive, which mapped to shared folder on another server, and i want to return volumelabel "NetworkDrive". Next code seems to work:

 foreach (DriveInfo drive in drives)
                if (drive.DriveType == DriveType.Network)

But it return the name of the first shared folder from the list on server. Any ideas, why this happened?

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Interesting question. "Network Drive" isn't the label of the drive. Windows Explorer shows "Network Drive" as the drive's type. In a command box, the label z: command would show the actual label of the volume the drive is connected to. –  comecme Dec 16 '10 at 8:35

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If I just code

var drive = new DriveInfo("Z");

It is showing me the Label of the Volume the network share is on. I have my drive Z: connected to a share on a Windows XP computer and the share is on a NTFS formatted drive. If I remove the label for that volume, the program will output an empty line.

I don't know what the expected result should be if the share is on a Linux machine. I don't know if Linux has something like a Label, but I don't think so.

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I am not quite sure whether you still need information, but I found some answers in this thread: Get drive label in C#

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