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I am using jQuery

I have got below in my string

str = "Michael,Singh,34534DFSD3453DS"

Now I want my result in three variables.

str1 = "Michael"
str2 = "Singh"
str3 = "34534DFSD3453DS"

Please suggest!


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No need for "Please suggest!" and the like. If people are reading your question, their reason for doing so is to reply and help you. – T.J. Crowder Dec 16 '10 at 9:12
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var strs = str.split(',') is your best bit. This will create an array for you so

strs[0] = "Michael"
strs[1] = "Singh"
strs[2] = "34534DFSD3453DS"

However, it is possible to get exactly what you want by adding new items to the window object. For this I use the $.each method of jQuery. It's not necessary (you can just use a for) but I just think it's pretty :). I don't recommend it, but it does show how you can create new variables 'on the fly'.

var str = "Michael,Singh,34534DFSD3453DS";

$.each(str.split(','), function(i,item){
   window['str' + (i+1)] = item;

console.log(str1); //Michael
console.log(str2); //Singh
console.log(str3); //34534DFSD3453DS


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No jQuery needed, just javascript:


Or, to get your 3 variables:

var arr = str.split(','),
    str1 = arr[0],
    str2 = arr[1],
    str3 = arr[2];
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You don't need jQuery. Javascript does that built-in via the split function.

var strarr = str.split(',');
var str1 = strarr[0];
var str2 = strarr[1];
var str3 = strarr[2];
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Just use split() and store each word inside an array

var str = "Michael,Singh,34534DFSD3453DS"
var myArray = str.split(",");

// you can then manually output them using their index

//or you can loop through them
for(var i=0; i<myArray.length; i++) {
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It's not only that JQuery is not needed but that JQuery is not meant to do such tasks. JQuery is for HTML manipulation, animation, event handling and Ajax.

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