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I have RemoteRamdom class on Server:


public class RemoteRandom : MarshalByRefObject
    Random r = new Random();

    public Random GetRandomObject()
        return r;


        RemoteRandom remoteRandom = (RemoteRandom)Activator.GetObject(typeof(RemoteRandom), "tcp://localhost:1000/UzakNesne");
        Random r = remoteRandom.GetRandomObject();

        while (true)

The Problem: The client can call GetRandomObject method successfully. However, when I call the methods of r instance, it runs locally. I mean, r.Next() continues working even I close the server application.

How can r work on server?

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Are you SURE it is a remote object?

Your code basically does not show the configuration that is redirecting the Activator to actually reference the class from a server. Witbhout configuration, the activator will happily create a LOCAL CLASS.

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configuration is done through .config file in the solution. I just skipped the details. –  Ahmet Altun Dec 16 '10 at 11:14

The returned object r will be serialized and recreated locally because the Random class is marked as serializable and doesn't inherit from MarshalByRefObject.

You can create r on the server in the same way you create remoteRandom, although you'll only be able to access it from the client.

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